Saturday, March 31, 2007

watched phantom of the opera this afternoon at the esplanade theatre. totally loved it. it's superb, with every little details taken care of nicely. great props, fantastic effects.. it's worth every single cent.

the first scene was the auction hall where the items from the opera house were being auctioned, including the monkey-with-cymbals music box and the chandelier. the chandelier had its moments of flying over the audience and was set at the ceiling, as the plot flashed back to the opera house's old days.

on one of the later scene, the chandelier was on the limelight again as it was made to crash down back on stage. there is a scene where the phantom sang and wept over Christine on angels-shaped statue hanging over the stage. some gun shots and fires were also involved, and dry ice too..

my favourite scene was at the river down at the basement, when they rode a boat to go to the phantom's dwelling place. with lots of candles and dry ice, boat and paddle and everything.. it did look real!

the masquarade's scene was the most grand of all. with high marble-like staircase, full cast clad in glittering clothings, and few mannequins lined up...

the singing was fantastic, too..

I guess there was one item missing from the whole production: it's the red rose.. it's nowhere to be seen. the last scene was at the phantom's residence, after raoul and christine left on boat.. the police officers were running after phantom which then disappeared, leaving behind his mask..

masquerade.. paper faces on parade.. masquerade! hide your face, so the world will never find you..
masquerade.. seething shadows breathing lies.. masquerade! you can fool any friend who ever knew you..

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