Friday, June 22, 2007

had lunch at hj. maimunah restaurant, joo chiat road. they sell malay food that is very close to indonesian food. from bakso kuah, gado-gado, tahu telur, to ala carte menu such as ayam sunda, ikan asin, rendang, daun singkong, etc. too bad I never bring proper camera during lunch and I was too hungry to snap pictures.

their self-service snack stall is stuffed with mouthwatering choices.. kolak pisang, sukun goreng, pisang goreng, klepon, and lots more. and guess what I found there today.. risoles!! hip hip hooray.. been drooling over risoles for a while since seeing the photos during my daily blog walking session, so seeing the real one is quite extraordinary.. hehe..

bought 5 pieces and brought it home for dinner, as I was too full to have tea break.

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