Monday, August 20, 2007

lunchtime at a noisy kopitiam..

he: "blablabla..... you are pretty?"
me: "..... me?"
he: "nooo.. I was asking for the malay translation of 'you are pretty'.."


celebrated ex-colleagues' birthday today at patara thai swissotel. the ambience and all nitty-gritty like cutleries and table setting are nice. the food is not bad but not spectacular. ordered 3 appetizers: fish cake, prawn cake on lemon grass stick and fried fish that looked like calamari served with salad. for main course we had steamed rice with duck curry, stir fried kangkong, minced chicken and meat platter. fruit platter for dessert.

their service was quite bad. a number of waiters running around the empty restaurant, but we still needed to make extra effort to get their attention. no more water refill once you finish your meal, unless you ask. the manager even gave us the wrong bill..

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