Saturday, August 25, 2007

went to celebrate a friend's birthday at kublai khan mongolian bbq at park mall, followed by a karaoke session at party world near shaw tower. party world definitely has better collection of indonesian pop songs compared to k-box.. there are a lot to choose from and they are quite up to date. too bad there's no song by kahitna at all.

the dinner itself was satisfying, even though I was not really in the mood to eat buffet-style. I ate just about enough. from the restaurant name at first I thought I was going to try some Mongolian dishes, but it actually serves international buffet, as they a little bit of Japanese, Chinese and also local fare.

there is a separate counter for teppanyaki, where you can choose the meat (only beef and chicken) and the veggie yourself. The staff will pour in some sauces before the "dancing chef" does the cooking. The cooking is done in a circular flat stove, where the chef starts from one point and flip the dish following the circle. It tastes okay, nothing fantastic. the salad buffet is not bad.. seafood salad, caesar salad, waldorf salad, tofu and tuna salad, etc. They have sharkfin soup, chicken soup and mushroom soup with fluffy bread on top.

Other main course dishes include blackpepper crab with fried mantou, crayfish, hainanese chicken, fried glass noodle with prawn, szechuan chicken, sambal prawn, cheese and tomato lasagna, vietnamese spring roll, pan fried dory, prawn tempura, dimsum, sushi, sashimi, and vegetarian pizza. for dessert there are fresh fruits (sunkist, grapes, dragon fruit, apples), jelly, cheesecake, chocolate cake, ice cream, cold chng tng, almond jelly with longan, and chocolate fondue (only strawberry, banana and marshmellow on one small bowl of chocolate.. but tasted okay).

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