Friday, August 31, 2007

went for a free spa session at andana orchard. I was quite reluctant to go at first, since I didn't really enjoy having all clothes removed in the earlier spa at body contour some time back. but spa at andana is different.

I was greeted by the stylish reception counter with posh sofa for sitting area, complete with mini water fountain. after filling in my details, I was escorted to the locker and changing area. went pass buffet counter, foot reflexology area and movie lounge.

the main facility is the 2 hydrotherapeutic jacuzzi pools filled with 42 degree celcius hot water, bubbling with the direct jets of water. the big pool in the center of the area has 7 chairs and the smaller one has 4 chairs. there is smaller pool with cold water, sauna and steam bathroom at the corner, and 5 shower cubicles at the other side.

the recommended procedure is to have a quick shower, soak in the jacuzzi for 20 mins, dip into the cold water pool, proceed to the sauna or steam bathroom, and then take a shower again. but the cold water pool and the steam bathroom were not available just now, and I was too lazy to use the sauna. so I just stayed in the pool until my fingertip skin are all wrinkled.. =) I had both pools for my own as there're no other customers there.

and the good thing was, they did not make any attempt to sell any spa packages to me at all..

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