Sunday, November 25, 2007

I've been thinking of trying out azabu sabo for quite sometime, as their food display at the glass shelves is quite enticing. for lunch this afternoon, we ordered cheeseburger curry rice, omellette curry rice, strawberry sundae and chocolate banana sundae.

the food was quite nice, not spectacular but not bad either. their desserts were much more tempting than their main courses, so we purposely spared some room for dessert. but the dessert was not up to our expectation, it's too ordinary, although it's well presented.

not to mention the waiting time. we had to wait quite long for our main courses. then we had to ask a few times for the desserts to be served. it came after a good 20-minute wait. tsk! there were not many customers there, I can't imagine how bad the waiting time would be if it's full house.

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