Monday, December 10, 2007

our lunch talk today made us walk down the memory lane as we recalled our favourite childhood street games. surprisingly my filipino colleagues also had the same games that I used to play. the only difference is the name.

how I miss playing the congklak (7 pebbles put in each holes of the board - the 2 players sit opposite each other, take turns to grab the pebbles and put one in each hole including the 'home' hole).. or taplak (squares drawn on the ground and each players take turn to throw a pebble to a square and jump from one square to the next with only one leg).. or the bola bekel (oddly shapped pebbles are thrown to the ground and collected again in a structured manner while throwing the rubber ball into the air and catching it back)..

I used to play the girly games as well.. we plucked small flowers and leaves, chopped them up and pretended to open a restaurant and serve customers.. or the not-so-girly games: pretended that a neighbour's iron fence was the himalaya mountain and we climbed it all the way from one to the other end :)

oh, those good old days..

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