Friday, February 29, 2008

I've just finished reading sophie kinsella's the undomestic goddess. it's a nicely written chicklit, easy to read and perfect for travel accompaniment.

the main character was samantha, a high-powered lawyer in london, who freaked out when she found out that she made a mistake that costed her company 50 pounds. she wandered around in the suburb and was mistaken as interviewee for housekeeper position. she accepted the job even though she didn't know how to work the oven and how to sew on a button.

later on she managed to tackle all the housekeeping-related tasks, fell in love with the gardener of the house, worked out that her mistake wasn't a mistake after all, and was then offered full equity partnership.

it's hilarious and entertaining. I was glued to this novel until the last page. and it had a nice ending :)

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