Saturday, August 15, 2009

had a funtastic saturday.

went for another round of choir (read: vocal group) practice at regent grove in the afternoon. initially wanted to drop by a friend's house on the same condo but she wasn't home as promised.

the bbq dinner at labrador park went well, with perfect weather plus sunset. it must have been the bbq with most attendees that I've ever gone to. planned for 52 adults plus 9 kids, hats off to the event organizer :) we reached the place late enough so as not to have to wait too long before food was served.

since it was still too early to go home, we went ahead to PS cafe at dempsey hill for desserts. ordered ultimate fudgy brownie, carrot cake, house blend tea and mojito to share. the fudgy brownie was great.. rich brownie topped with gooey fudge covering large pieces of marshmallow, plus a scoop of vanilla ice cream. heavenly! perfect for sharing as it was too rich to be eaten alone. the carrot cake was not bad too, but after the sweet brownie, I felt it was quite bland. house blend tea was served in a pot. for sharing, we're "entitled" to 2 water top-ups :)

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