Saturday, September 19, 2009

a long weekend! a perfect time to start geocaching.

geocaching is a treasure hunt-like game, involving GPS coordinates to indicate the caches' locations. the treasure is called a cache - the most basic one is a traditional cache, a container with a logbook. sometimes there are also other goodies inside. the general rule upon finding a cache is to write in the log book, and if an item was taken out, it should be replaced by another.

now, back to today's hunt..

woke up late and enjoyed the cool weather, thanks to the rain. cooked opor ayam for lunch, too bad I had no ketupat and sambel goreng to complete it :)

it was still drizzling but we went ahead, and decided to look for the nearest geocache. the coordinates led us to sengkang riverside park. the hint says "under a tree by the path". thanks to the picture, we found the cache easily. it contained a small logbook, a folded geocache brochure and a colorful small ruler. we wrote on the logbook and did not take anything from it.

the next coordinate led us to punggol field way. the cache was supposed to be located at the side of pedestrian walkway on the bridge overlooking TPE. thankfully the weather's alright. searched for it high and low but couldn't find it.. *sobs*.. better luck next time!

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