Saturday, November 07, 2009

I sort of missed a hearty warm bowl of pho, so we went to pho house at suntec for dinner. since we did not have plenty of time, we just went straight to the point: pho bo and pho ga.

service was friendly and efficient. the place was empty as well, which we liked.

food-wise.. their pho was quite decent. but they definitely had put in some local flavors in the menu, as they had broken rice with satay chicken/tofu/fish, fried chicken wings, etc. they put fried shallots in the chicken pho. the beef pho was really dark in color, unlike the clear soup base which we had in pho24 last time. the white noodles were super chewy. portion was huge, I could not finish the whole bowl, ended up wasting some beef slices.

all in all, it was alright but of course it's not as nice as compared to having pho in viet nam :)

rushed to esplanade right after dinner, to watch vienna boys' choir concert. when we reached the underpass between citylink and esplanade, there was announcement reminding everyone holding tickets to the concert, that it would start in a few minutes' time. wow! we managed to get there on time, but then the concert started a little late.

they performed quite a number of classical songs, especially in the first half. after 20 mins intermission, it was more enjoyable as they sang some popular songs from Queen and ABBA. some simple choreography made the concert more entertaining too.

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