Tuesday, November 03, 2009

the big three-oh.

but never mind. business as usual.
I was going through my blog's archives, and realized somehow I did not normally write lengthy postings on 3rd november. so, here goes, one lengthy posting on 3rd november on... stuff.

took one day leave today, clearing my deepavali off-in-lieu. woke up late, and stayed in bed till even later. turned on my mac, turned on my handphone. guess who was the first person who called me today?

it's a salesman from a bank, offering me their insurance plan. a pinoy with philippine english and singlish slangs. but to give him credit, he noticed my birth date and said happy birthday to me. for that, I allowed him to send me his insurance brochures, after I refused to enroll right there and then through phone =)

enjoyed a late and lazy lunch at north border bar & grill, rochester park.

tempted initially to order their 3-course set meal, but decided to go for the 2-course instead, as we planned to go for chocolate warm cake for tea break later on the day.

wise decision. portion was huge I was already 60% full after my starter. we had nachos with salsa as well, which came with the sets. for starters it was grilled beef salad and creamy mushroom ragout. I loved the salad - dressing and beef slices were given generously, rested on bed of greens sprinkled with cheese. for mains it was crispy skinned salmon and braised beef cheeks. I struggled to finish my salmon piece, leaving the baby potatoes untouched.

service was great. attentive, on time and polite. we did not notice the waiters anywhere near us, but they always appeared at the right time, clearing away plates and bringing the next courses.

got a complimentary warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream too.. complete with happy birthday song played on ;) inside it was gooey chocolate sauce.. just the way I liked it. yummy! with that, the plan for cake on tea break was immediately canceled.

the two birthday cakes I got today.. heart-shaped chocolate moose and warm chocolate cake. coincidentally both had a single pink candle.

passed by this colorful bougenville plant along carpenter road. a single plant with white, yellow, purple and red flowers. pretty!

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