Friday, May 07, 2010

Had dinner at VivoCity's Ishiki Sushi & Bento Bar. Initially we wanted to try out Brotzeit's sausages but the place's so packed there's a queue outside. We decided to try out any other nearby restaurant with vacancies.

Tried their crispy dory bento, chicken katsu curry bento and mochi green tea ice cream. The bentos were just normal, nothing to rave about. Their curry sauce was very thin and almost tasteless. What we liked was the miso soup. Oh, and the mochi green tea ice cream was good too, served with strawberry sauce and a stick of chocolate wafer.

On our journey back home I tried to take photos of the newly opened Marina Bay Sands Hotel from the moving car to no avail. Impulsively we decided to check out the helix bridge. We parked at Marina Square and it was quite a distance to walk to the bridge, along the bridge and then finally to the MBS's casino and shops complex, mostly because some parts were still closed due to constructions.

It was 10pm then, and the bridge was packed with people. There was even an Indonesian couple taking pre-wedding shots at the bridge. When we walked towards MBS the bridge was covered in blue lights, and when we reached the other end it was changed to purple.

The casino had a snaking queue, and the taxi queue was no better. It was packed, although the shop area was only partly open. That's what generally happen to newly opened places in this island. Luckily we were there during late evening, I could not imagine how hot it would be during afternoon time *wipe sweat*


J.H said...

wah keliatannya enaaaaak banget... jadi pengen huhuhuhu.

pleasantinterlude said...

maksud loe bentonya? rasanya standar banget sih gue bilang, tapi lumayan bikin ngeces ya tampangnya? :p