Sunday, September 05, 2010

I finally paid a visit to city hall area this afternoon. How things have changed! Shops mushroomed everywhere. My first stop was Marina Square. Thought of crossing over to Suntec but changed my mind upon seeing the crowd heading to/from Comex 2010. So I went instead to Marina Link, followed by Esplanade Exchange. Shopped for a while at Raffles City, before proceeding to Parco Marina.

I took Circle Line train from Esplanade to Promenade station. It's my first time hearing their "train is coming, train is comiiiiinngggg.." jingle announcing train arrivals.. :p

We had lunch at Nantsuttei, specializing in ramen. Ordered chasu ramen (basic ramen plus extra slices of char siew) and dragon ramen (basic ramen plus spicy minced meat). The broth was dark in color, which reminded me of rawon. It was tasty! A bit oily, though. The portion was fairly big, but I finished the whole bowl.

They only served canned drinks, but ice water was free. And garlic was available upon request. It was guaranteed freshly minced, because we needed to mince the peeled garlic ourselves :)


J.H said...

wah gw kayanya potentially lost di sgp kalo mampir lagi. Semua tempat yang elo sebutin gw ga ada yang tau!

pleasantinterlude said...

haha.. tenang aja je, selalu ada peta dan orang2 buat ditanya :) tapi emang tempat2 itu baru semua kok, gue juga lost kemaren, salah belok dan muter jauh bener cuma buat exit dari mrt station.