Saturday, May 18, 2013

To the market we go

One of the places that I'm most interested in going when visiting a foreign city is its local market. Especially during spring or autumn, when the weather is at its glorious best, I can spend hours exploring a market, more to enjoy its ambience rather than to shop. But then of course, buying some snacks and knick-knacks always add to the experience ;)

So I was excited to learn about the opening of Pasar Bella. It's located at The Grandstand (formerly known as Turf City), in Bukit Timah. Not the most accessible location, but anyway, I still have to go there :p

The market offers good variety of traders - from food and snacks, to party equipments, wooden accessories, tea shop, organic shop, fruits, wine, cheese and flowers.

There are quite a number of food stalls, however the seating area is quite small. There's macaron shop, ice cream shop and cafe too. Another good thing - there's a bouncy castle at one corner, free for all kids to play - there's even someone stationed there to watch over them.

It helps a lot that the market is located indoor, so everyone can throng the place under the comfort of air-con. The rather steep price tags and the number of caucasians there definitely helps to make me feel like being transported to a foreign city :p

Pasar Bella at a glance

A pretty flower shop

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