Thursday, May 16, 2013

Postcard Swap

Yay! This postcard arrived in the physical mailbox today:

Postcard from Down Under

Receiving a personal snail mail (bills, bank statements and packages from online shops are not counted) is always refreshing amidst the abundance of electronic information we have to put up with these days. Well, of course having a pretty panoramic view of the opera house on it helps :)

Dear Candela, thanks for the postcard!

Glad to know that you received the postcard on the same day as I did, given that we posted them on the same day last week and I paid much less postage than you, haha :p And yep, your handwriting is super neat and nice :)


Candela said...

Hah?? Kiriman online shopping ga refreshing kata lo??
Hahaha, iyak, gilak ternyata mahal banget ngirim dari sini.

pleasantinterlude said...

yaaa.. seneng sih terimanya, tapi kan udah bayar gitu loh.. jadi emang hak gue buat terima paketnya :)