Sunday, May 05, 2013

You & Mee

Finally tried the famous noodle shop at United Square, called You & Mee. Located in the corner of basement level, it's not that easy to find.

For the 4 of us, we ordered mee ayam, pek lor mee, and 2 bowls of mee kangkong. Fried wanton, beef ball soup, vermicelli spring roll and tahu gejrot for side dishes. Plus chendol for dessert! It's a satisfying meal, even the soup was slurp worthy until the last drop.

I liked that the place was not crowded, therefore there's no need to fight for a seat. It's a fuss-free self-service restaurant: first customers place orders at cashiers, and then collect the food at the kitchen hole once it's ready. Service was good, and the prices reasonable. If they served plain water without being asked, it'd be perfect.

Small bottles of condiments were placed on every table, and each of them was labelled with numbers. There are recommendations on which condiments to use for each of the dish. Very unique.

We love noodles


Candela said...

Kok tampangnya enak banget ya.... Dulu gw ada project di United Square, gak tau apa2, cuma tau udders doang (-.-").

pleasantinterlude said...

ohh.. kayaknya ini toko emang masi lumayan baru deh. gue juga taunya dari temen, secara jarang banget beredar di daerah novena..