Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Glorious Food

Been eating like there's no tomorrow these past few days. If not for the visiting 'tourists', I would not have tried some of the following dishes.

It's my first time eating at Swee Choon, Jalan Besar for late night dim sum. We arrived at 8.30pm and the place was packed with both people eating and queueing for tables. Our queue number was skipped for a while as we need a big table to accommodate our group of 7. Their egg yolk custard bao was so good! Xiao long bao would be much nicer if it's warmer.

Late night dim sum at Swee Choon

There's not much change at Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen, the fried stuff and the noodle bowl were still as yummy as I remembered them.

Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen

It's been a long time since I last visited Chomp Chomp food center. We had pork and chicken satay, char kway teow, carrot cake, sambal sting ray, bbq chicken wing, dumpling soup and rojak to share. Drink was 2 giant mug of sugar cane juice.

Cheers to the ever-smoky Chomp Chomp

Of course, Jia Xiang kolo mee was on the 'itinerary'.

Jia Xiang Kolo Mee

I was quite excited to visit Magnum Pleasure Store, the second pop-up store which was open in Vivo City at the moment, until end of November 2013. Our customized ice cream was coated with dark chocolate sauce, topped with choco crunch balls, crushed pistachio and dried rose petals, and drizzled with white chocolate sauce. The appearance was so whimsical. Taste-wise, it was as good as how I expect a vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate sauce to be. Nothing too fantastic. But I was impressed by the dried rose petals, I could really taste them.

Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store

Ok, time to watch out for my waistline! :)


Candela said...

Oraaaiiitt!! Bagus Nov, bagusss.... Ini pagi-pagi bikin gw sedih banget :( Gw mau semuaaannyyaaa!!! Kolomi lo itu kolomi yang di Vivo basement kan?? Gw doyan BANGET!!! Sedih!!!

Si egg yolk custard berkolesterol tinggi itu juga kesukaan gw. Malem ini ke din tai fung ah...

pleasantinterlude said...

weitttss... gue bikin lo sedih atau laper?
hahahaha.. iya, itu kolo mee yg di vivo basement. ada di tempat lain sih tapi somehow gue baliknya ke vivo lagi, vivo lagi.
yuk sini ke sg, kita mamam kolo mie :)