Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yummilicious Tuesday

We made full use of the public holiday today for some tummy-fulfilling activities.

In the morning I did another attempt at cream cheese raisin bread, by mixing the refrigerated dough and newly bought yeast. And this time round the dough actually rose. So we had warm, fresh-from-the-oven, soft and fluffy cream cheese raisin bread, finally!

Yay to homemade cream cheese raisin bread!

For lunch we met friends at The French Ladle, a French eatery located inside Pandan Valley condominium. We spent some time looking for the restaurant as the complex was huge and there was no signage whatsoever. And there was no soul in sight for us to get directions from. Finally found out that it's at Block 2 and managed to reach the place.

At the French Ladle

The restaurant was small and it had very good reputation of serving authentic french food so we made reservation in advance. Thankfully it was not crowded at all when we were there. It was homely and unpretentious. The menu was put up on a blackboard hanging on the wall, with handwritten list of wine and beverages given out on the tables. It was manned by a team of 2 and I believed they're the owners.

Yummy baguette slices were served in a small basket together with dollops of butter as appetizers. Ice waters were also served in bottles. We ordered truffle fries, escargot, duck confit pasta, pan-seared foie gras, steak fries, barramundi pesto, chicken fricassee, and mushroom risotto.

The foie gras was a melt-in-your-mouth kind, yummy and really fatty. Truffle fries was great. The one who ordered pasta thought that it would be duck confit accompanied with pasta, but instead it was a plate of pasta served with slices of duck meat. Steak was wonderful with only light flavouring used. The mushroom risotto was not that fantastic, though.

The different dishes we ordered

Service was quite slow but it's understandable given the small kitchen and the manpower. And dishes were cooked and prepared one by one. We were pleasantly surprised to note that there were no service charge and GST in the bill :)

Next item on the list: Carpenter & Cook at Lorong Kilat. The place was brimming with people and as we were in a big group we had to wait for about an hour for a table. We put our name in the waiting list but then decided to just buy some pastries for takeaway. We may be back one day :)

Pretty tiles at Carpenter & Cook

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