Saturday, January 25, 2014

Had an impromptu gathering this evening. We visited Marina at Keppel Bay for the first time. It's a short distance from Vivocity, a small marina with nice view. It's quite busy but not as happening as Quayside Isle.

Marina at Keppel Bay

As we did not have any destination in mind, we settled down at Prive Cafe, the most convenient one. Ordered caesar salad, steak, grilled salmon, fish & chips, mushroom pasta and penne carbonara. Food was good, just what we expected given the price.

at Prive Cafe

Since the wind was getting more and more unbearably chilly, we concluded our visit after the main course and headed to Portsdown for desserts, at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier.

The place was cozy with nice ambience, especially the alfresco area. For a Saturday evening, it was not crowded at all. Since we were still full, we had chocolate bars, cake, ice cream and chocolate drinks to share. I chose to order rum & raisin, a cup of hot chocolate served with rum. Raisins were generously added too. It was nice but a little too strong to my liking, with intensely rich chocolate taste.

Laurent @ Portsdown


gillsunshine said...

nom nom nom banget nov :)
si prive oke ga sih? sering denger cuma blom kesampean terus mau ke sana secara kadang si rai blg mending dia makan kfc aja hahaa

pleasantinterlude said...

iya gue juga sering denger tapi baru kemaren nyobain, itu juga ga pake planning dulu. kfc jelas pilihan yang jauh lebih ekonomis :) prive makanannya enak walopun pilihan di menunya tipikal, just like any other resto. gue rasa sih ini resto terkenal lebih karena lokasinya. viewnya cakep. bolehlah buat makan sekali2..