Saturday, March 08, 2014


Together with a friend who's also in the mood for cafe-hopping, after shortlisting some restaurants and cafes, this evening we went to Grub at Bishan Park.

It's been a while since my last visit to the park. Its sheer size and facilities are always impressive. However, due to the prolonged dry season the grass looked so malnourished and unhealthy. The water level in the creek was low, and the papyrus plants seemed so dejected without water.

Around the park

We had to wait for a while before we got our table. We expected as much as the cafe's quite popular. Queueing was discouraged, instead we could take a walk in the park and they would call us when the table's ready. The cafe's not that big to begin with, there were only about 10 tables indoor and the rest are outdoor.

Dinner at GRUB

We ordered quite a lot - chili con carne and mentaiko fries for appetizer; ribeye steak, slow cooked pork belly, and various burgers (crispy fish, chicken thigh, pork steak, double cheeseburger) for main course; and churros for dessert.

In general the food were good. Even the sesame bun for the burgers tasted different than the usual buns, somewhat sweeter. Mentaiko fries was regular french fries served with seaweed and salmon roe sauce - the sauce made all the difference, in a good way. The one who had pork belly commented that it's too fatty to his liking. The 2 bowls of chili con carne were polished off in no time. Churros, served warm with chocolate and vanilla sauce, looked really promising (so we ordered 2 servings - each had 8 sticks). There's nothing to shout about, it's just fried dough with sugar - it would taste much better with more cinnamon.

Service was alright, even though the cafe's real busy we had to wait for everything - table, food and finally bill. They served ice water too.

We might be back to try out their weekend brunch next time!

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