Sunday, June 15, 2014

Food for Thought at National Museum

It was raining in the early afternoon we were in National Museum, so we settled for lunch at Food For Thought, which was conveniently located within the premise.

The dining area was not that big, as they only opened up half of the area with smaller tables. Considering it was raining outside, it was during lunch time and there were not many dining options in the vicinity, the queue was still manageable. It's stated in the entrance that expected queue time was 15-30 mins.

We waited for a while and were then ushered to our table. Promptly ordered tomato sausage linguine, mushroom risotto and plain fries.

And we waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Turned out the waitress who took our order forgot to key it in the system. -_-"

Once I saw that a family who was seated long after us got their orders, I started to kick up a fuss. A hungry woman is an angry woman :p Not to mention there's a hungry boy too who demanded his fries.

Another waitress assured us that she has checked with the kitchen and our food was on its way. But still there was no sign of it. And the first waitress who took our order just disappeared.

I was already thinking what to write on my review when the food finally made their long-awaited appearance. First the linguine, followed by fries, and then risotto.

Taste: so-so
Presentation: nothing, just the food on the plate
Waiting time: too long till I lost all intention to take photos

We asked the first waitress (who took the order and finally reappeared with my risotto) for a plastic bowl. She went to the kitchen to retrieve it, and then carried the bowl wandering around the tables trying to recall who asked for it -_-"

And it's just a bowl. No cutlery. So rather than asking again, I decided to go to the cutlery station and get it myself. Only to be told by another waitress to sit down as it was their job to provide cutlery -_-"

Anyway, I noted that there were no plastic spoon and fork left in the drawers. And the drawers were not exactly clean -_-"

To redeem themselves, a waiter came up to us and offered a slice of chocolate cake with explanations and apology. He said it's the first time they forgot to key in an order.

Good move on the chocolate cake. But the fuss should not have happened in the first place.

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