Sunday, June 15, 2014

Play & Masak Masak at National Museum

Children's season is in full swing so we paid a visit to National Museum today for its latest exhibitions: Play and Masak Masak.

Play was newly launched as dedicated place to encourage children to learn through play. Masak Masak is an ongoing exhibition (until 3 Aug 2014) held in conjunction with children's season, with childhood memories as its theme.

Childhood games

Carton play area

The most interesting exhibition to me was this exhibition of paper arts, made inside toilet paper roll. Various themes could be seen through the holes. How creative!

Looking through the holes

Dragon-shaped bouncy castle and small slide for toddlers set up in the lawn were on high demand. The museum did a good job in placing attendants in each and every exhibitions. They provided guidance and controlled the crowd. It's especially important in the playground, in which it can get overcrowded easily.

Playground at the lawn

I also spent some time browsing through the photo exhibitions: Genesis and We: Defining Stories.

Photo exhibitions

We spent almost the whole day in the museum. It's a great way to spend the day :)

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