Monday, July 28, 2014

Bark Cafe

Initially we wanted to go to 1942 Alfresco @ Changi restaurant, thinking that it opens daily except Tuesdays. But when we reached the place, there's a sign saying that now they close every Mondays instead :((

Along the route out, we passed by Changi Chapel & Museum and decided to stop. Next to the chapel and museum is Bark Cafe.  Given its remote location, I was quite surprised to find the place packed - both the restaurant and the museum.

Bark Cafe, next to Changi Chapel & Museum
The cafe's menu is presented magazine-style. The choice might not be that extensive but the food looked good. We ordered Chapel Cheesy Hamburger, Beef Hawaiian pizza, chicken wings and honey lemon drinks. Burger and pizza were both tasty. Chicken wing was so-so.. big in size but not in flavour.

Glorious food

Ice water is served upon request. Service was good. Even though they obviously could do with more waiters/waitresses, those who were present did their job efficiently. I was prepared to have to wait longer than usual for the food but luckily the waiting time was fair enough.

The cafe is not equipped with air-con, so dining in during a balmy afternoon is not as comfortable as evening time, I guess. But overall, good food and good service.

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