Saturday, August 09, 2014

Another visit to Legoland Malaysia

We visited Legoland Malaysia again today! This time round we made a point to leave home earlier, at 8am. Turned out the traffic was smooth with just short queues. We reached Mall of Medini shortly after 9am. We had time to kill before the theme park opened at 10am so we had breakfast at Pancake House.

There were not many choices as not all restaurants were open that early. We ordered the all-day breakfast set that came with hot tea. It was so-so.. but the varieties of food they had was great.

Breakfast at Mall of Medini

We were ready at the entrance before they opened the gate and saw the opening dance performed by some of the staff :)

Around Legoland

Managed to try Project X - a roller coaster ride with one exhilarating drop. But sadly that's about it - after the big drop the rest was just turns everywhere. I liked The Dragon roller coaster better.

Project X

This time round we had much more time to walk around Miniland. The amount of details put into each work was amazing.

Stayed in Legoland until their closing time, 7pm :) Had dinner at Chicken Rice Shop before heading home. A fun day out!

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