Saturday, July 12, 2014

Reminiscing the days

One day, in one of our many whatsapp chats, somebody suggested a visit to NTU. And the plan materialized this afternoon: 4 families touring the campus with 1 tour guide :p

We met up at Canteen 2, then started the tour in cars. Stopping at North Spine, we took a walk to what used to be Canteen A, took some photos and then finally back to Canteen 2 for dinner.

So much have changed in the campus. We entered the compound through Jalan Bahar. Turning left, we saw a new green building that was not there years ago. Took a wrong turn and had to turn back :) The halls of residence still stay the same. From hall 11 down to hall 1 - they're exactly the same. The canteen has been improved, though. Canteen 2 now is equipped with air con. The mom-and-pop store where I used to buy bread is now replaced by Giant and 7-11.

Canteen A is totally gone, replaced by Student Activity Centre. Another canteen was built at the side, which is much smaller. Some cafes, convenient stores and fast-food chains have made their presence too. Vast green field in between the spines (North spine has N1, N2, N3, N4) is now filled with new buildings. Too bad the main library was already closed, as the children wanted to go in so much.

We had dinner at Canteen 2, followed by mini birthday celebration with a scarlet cheesecake for our tour leader whose birthday was the day before. Stayed until 9.30pm there.

NTU - revisited
"What can ever equal the memory of being young together?" - Michael Stein (In the Age of Love)

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