Friday, August 15, 2014

Punggol Marina

Marina Country Club is located in a really secluded area in Punggol. We've seen the place a few times before but this was the first time we went in to really take a look and tried out one of the restaurants.

The location means it's not easily accessible by public, and so promises tranquility and peacefulness as there's not much crowd, even during weekends. There's shuttle service, though, that goes to/from Sengkang MRT.

The marina is a rustic place that houses a few restaurants, a kindergarten, convenience store, children arcade, fishing shop, and fishing/prawning areas.

Around the marina

Among the 'standard' seafood restaurant, there's one interesting cafe there, called The Boaters Cafe, Streets of London. It's truly a hidden gem, and I was glad to try this out.

It's an unpretentious small cafe with nice decors and ambience. Only a few tables were occupied during Friday evening. Service was great - attentive and reasonably fast, given that food is prepared only upon ordering. We had onion rings, pepperoni pizza, IPA chicken and portobello mushroom.

Though the portion was small, everything tasted great. Pepperoni pizza came in super thin crust with pepperoni slices, capsicum and cherry tomatoes - plus generous amount of cheese, baked to perfection. Portobello mushroom was served with bacon strips and melted cheese on top, with salad on the side. Mouthwatering! IPA chicken (don't ask what IPA stands for.. I've no idea, but it's one of the recommended items on the menu) was well marinated, juicy and tasty, served with mashed potato and grilled vegetables.

One thing, though - they don't accept credit cards for payment.

All in all, we had a satisfying dinner. Might come back there one day :)

At the Boaters Cafe

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