Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sushi Express

Sushi Express outlet at Tampines 1 replaced the Japanese supermarket in Basement 1, a prominent location. It looks even more inviting as there's usually a queue in front, with visible signs on their price - $1.50 per plate.

So this afternoon we gave it a try. Arriving during lunch hour, after 1pm, we joined the queue and thankfully it moved quite quickly. There's a sign saying 40 minutes dining time - but I guess nobody's really keeping track how long each customer spends inside.

Plates after plates of sushi (and other dishes like desserts) are produced by the chefs standing in the middle, and then placed right away to the conveyor belt. The belt stretches around the restaurant, with customers seated around it. As the different kind of sushi is made in batches, sometimes we needed to wait for certain types to come out.

Cups, green tea bags, hot water taps, wet tissue, soya sauce and packaged wasabi are placed on the table so customers can do self-service.

Variety is not that good, choice is limited. The size is smaller too compared to other restaurants. But with the price, nobody's complaining. It's fresh and tasty enough. Green tea is free, hot water is free flow. Even the wet tissues are not chargeable. At the end of the meal we just called the waiter to count the number of empty pink plates and write it on a small piece of paper, then we brought it to the cashier for payment - the number of plates times $1.50, plus 10% service charge and 7% GST.

All in all, it's a good place for getting your sushi fix without fuss. It's sushi, fast food style.

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