Sunday, September 21, 2014


Woke up super early this morning to help out in a fund raising funfair for a charity organization. Left home even before sunrise, which was extremely unusual for me :p

Reached there 5 minutes ahead of scheduled reporting time, only to be left waiting around until 8.30am when everyone's arrived. After a quick briefing, we were assigned to several food stalls.

I was assigned to a vegetarian food stall selling drinks and some food products, but then was asked to distribute moon cakes, generously sponsored by a well-known bakery. There were a few stacks of boxes containing mooncakes, both traditional and snow skin type. For snow skin, there were several flavours in a few different colors. We tried to distribute the snow skin first as it would not stay fresh outside the fridge for long, unlike the traditional baked mooncake with yolk.

It's interesting to observe the various responses, and therefore, characters, of the people in the funfair.

Some just simply refused the offer.

Some asked what I was trying to give them, and refused after knowing it's moon cake.

Some initially refused, and after knowing it's free, asked for more.

Some asked if it's halal.

Some asked if it's vegetarian.

Some asked what it's made of.

Some wanted to choose their favorite flavours.

Some asked if it's already expired, after knowing they did not have to fork out a single cent for it.

Some did not believe me when I said it's moon cake, thinking it's ice cream instead.

Some just took one, even though I always offered 2 packs at one time.

An aunty did not want the snow skin and purposely waited around for the traditional one.

Lady in blue: "Do you have durian flavours?"
Me: "No, we only have these." (almost rolled my eyes, can't believe the question)
Lady in blue: "How much is this?" (ok, now I understand the previous question)
Me: "Free, it's sponsored."
Lady in blue: "Oh.. ok.. can I have more?"

What irked me the most were the shameless type who made a few rounds, everytime taking the free offer. At least I noted 3 of them: one young lady, one old uncle and one middle-aged man. Well, the more they took, the faster it was for me to finish the task, but then it would not be fair to others.

Anyway.. all in all, it was quite easy and not as tiring as manning the food stall, where cooking/packing the food and collecting coupons were involved.

I'm just wondering.. which type would I be if free moon cake was to be offered to me?

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