Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ice Edge Cafe

Ice Edge cafe has been in my radar for quite some time, since it's mentioned many times in cafe reviews, blogs, and of course instagram. I guess that's why I went with quite a high expectation.

We reached the cafe slightly after its opening time, which means plenty of seats were still available. It got crowded after awhile. Ordered an appetizer, a main course and a dessert to share. Their prices are on the high side, so I guess their 1-for-1 weekday lunch deal is worth it.

First came poutine - a plate of fries, topped with sliced chicken breast and brown gravy, sprinkled with some herbs. The fries were thin and tasted homemade, almost like those you can make at home. Quite tasty.

The main course was chicken cordon bleu. The portion did not justify the price at all. And it looked overcooked - the brown color is no longer golden. The melted cheese and ham pieces stuffed into the chicken meat was delish, though. Other than that it's too dry to my liking. It was served with mashed potato and salad by the side.

Waffle, Poutine, Tea Forte set and a really dark Chicken Cordon Bleu

As dessert we chose waffle with 2 scoops of gelato: earl grey tea and lychee martini flavor. The waffle (with 'Ice Edge' wording on the side, shaped from cocoa powder) must have been instagram-ed to death. So I joined the crowd :p

The waffle was light and fluffy enough. Gelato was alright, but nothing spectacular. I was a bit disappointed with the earl grey, though, not as good as I expected.

Service was so-so. Asked for the menu and the waitress asked me to collect it myself from the table by the entrance. The good thing was, they provide free flow of water, hot, warm or cold - from the dispenser on the table by the entrance.

Parking space near the area was very limited - I'm sure it's challenging to come to the area during peak period. Especially since there are a few cafes around.

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