Saturday, April 18, 2015

Japan Without Sushi - Part 4

On Places - Tokyo

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

This is a good place to see Tokyo in bird's-eye view, as it's free of charge and located next to our hotel in Tokyo :) We just came, queued up and took the lift up. After enjoying the scenery, we browsed through the souvenir shops, stamped our notebooks and had breakfast in its cafe, aptly named 'Good View Tokyo'.

Chidorigafuchi Park, Tokyo

Didn't really know about this park until the night when we reached Tokyo, I browsed through my Instagram and saw the splendid photos taken in this park. So off we went the following day!

The park was really pretty with the sakura trees all in full bloom. Lots of office workers were enjoying their lunch breaks there, sitting under the pretty trees while having their bentos.

While sakura was the star in the park, other colorful, pretty flowers were there too.

Tokyo Cruise and Hamarikyu Gardens

I wasn't really impressed with Tokyo Cruise. It was operating at full capacity and there's not much to see along the river. It's just bridges and buildings. Our route was from Asakusa to Hamarikyu Gardens. The cruise ticket was sold together with the garden's entrance ticket, and thankfully Hamarikyu Gardens made the trip worth it.

Tokyo Cruise

Hamarikyu Gardens

Can't get enough of cherry blossoms

We enjoyed ourselves in the garden and went out way past its closing hours - that meant looking around for an opened exit gate :)

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