Sunday, April 19, 2015

Japan Without Sushi - Part 5

On Places - Fujikawaguchiko

Sightseeing Boat, Fujikawaguchiko

This was the first attraction we visited in the small town. It was drizzling, and it was cold. The view was much better compared to Tokyo boat cruise, although Mt. Fuji was not exactly visible. Perhaps the fact that the boat was not even half full contributed a lot to the nice experience :)

Mt Kachi Kachi Ropeway, Fujikawaguchiko

It's a cable car ride to Mt. Kachi Kachi, with a rabbit and a beaver as its mascot. It had 2 cable cars, orange and blue. The station offered great view of the city, with small garden, starting point to a hiking path, a shrine and some shops.

Kawaguchi Music Forest

Lush greenery, beautiful flowers, quaint houses, interesting shows - all built around the concept of music. A magnificent place, loved it so much! Some of the flowers were not in bloom, and the rose garden was closed. Different kind of flowers bloom in different season, therefore there's always something to see in here.

Shows were on going every few hours. We watched the Titanic music show in History Hall, dancing fountain at Carillon Square, and Pipe Organ cum Sand Painting show at Organ Hall. Sand painting show was really impressive. An artist told the story of 'Cinderella' by drawing various scenes from it on the sand, which was projected to the big screen. Live music accompanied the story telling, a duet between a pianist and a violinist. Even the children were captivated.

On top of pretty gardens and show halls, there were also a cafe, a restaurant, and some shops.

Colorful beauties

Natural Living Centre, Fujikawaguchiko

This place did not live up to my expectations, sadly. Maybe because most of the plants there were still barren. In the right season the place would look really pretty with lavender and blueberry in full bloom. Too bad it was still too cold, and very cloudy. There was a cafe there overlooking the lake, served nice muffin, latte and ice cream. A blueberry-jam making class was also conducted but we didn't try, thinking it would be conducted totally in Japanese.

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