Sunday, June 21, 2015

Malacca's The Shore Oceanarium

We visited the place as we still had some time to spare. The place was not big, but it was full with underwater wonders and packed with information. 

The place was divided into several areas, namely Jungle Quest, Sea Shells, River Story, Dangerous Marine Species, Living Fossil, Shark Quest, Ocean Journey and Kampung Penyu.

For each exhibit there were panels with information in a few languages. Beside the usual aquariums, they also had touch pools and 3D movie and light board display. Children could also feed the turtles at Kampung Penyu. However, 3D glasses and turtle food had to be purchased separately at the ticket counter (RM 5 for glasses and RM 10 for a small cup of raw fish cubes).

For each ticket purchased, an activity sheet was given. We were supposed to find answers to some questions on the sheet and use the stamps provided around the place to mark the answers. The completed sheet together with the receipt could then be exchanged for a free gift at the end of the visit.

Our visit would have been perfect if not for the ticket counter staff who said she did not see the brochure that we put on the counter, that should have given us 20% off the ticket price. We did not remember to ask until payment was done, and then she said she could not revert the charges. The discount was freely available, as it was a new attraction, so why not simply offer it to everyone as a kind gesture?

What I liked best about the attraction was the minimal crowd, that allowed us to roam and take pictures freely. It was also clean, washing area and rubbish bin were available in appropriate sections.

Conclusion: for maximum enjoyment, do come here without any expectations, and don't compare this place with Sentosa's S.E.A Aquarium or Underwater World.

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