Saturday, March 27, 2010

Took one-day leave last Friday and we went for our first road trip to Malacca. Started the trip quite late. We had breakfast first at nearby Toast Box and then the journey started only at 10.30am. Since it was a work day, the roads were really empty, it was smooth traffic all the way.

It was the first time we saw the GPS shows distance more than 200 km to our destination, and the first time the speedometer needle touched that far to the right :p We went out from Tuas checkpoint and took E3 and E2 highway.

Made one stop before reaching Malacca town at about 2pm. Checked in to our hotel at Tun Tan Cheng Lock...

... and went for the famous Chung Wah Hainanese chicken rice. Finally tried the chicken rice balls. Yum yum!

The Dutch square (or Red Square) is just a stone's throw away from our hotel. We went there, took a few photos, walked along Jonker Street and bought some snacks to bring home.

What would be a better refreshment than Nyonya chendol during the hot hot day. At no 1 Kopitiam Famous Authentic Nyonya Cendol at Jalan Hang Jebat, the sweet dessert is sold at RM 2 per bowl and RM 2.80 per cup. It was refreshing.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night Jonker street is a happening place to be as they are packed with stalls selling various stuff between 6pm till midnight. We bought some souvenirs, accessories and of course snacks.

For real dinner we had Peranakan food at Nancy's kitchen, Jalan Hang Lekir. Ordered babi pongteh (RM10), ngoh hiang (RM6), calamari (RM12), nyonya chap chai(RM8) and also kedondong juice (RM3.50). The memorable ones were babi pongteh and kedondong juice.

On the next day we tried another version of nyonya chendol, with durian paste at Jonker 88. Slightly different but it's yummy and refreshing as well.

Started our journey home at noon on Saturday. The traffic's still smooth, but there were more cars on the road than the day before.


vmc said...

jus kedondong ? waah ... gimana rasanya ?

J.H said...

wah chendolnya kayanya enak banget nob, apalagi yang pake duren!

pleasantinterlude said...

vmc: enak, seger banget..

JH: hooh, top banget apalagi dimakan pas panas terik.

Ole' Wolvie said...


Road trip!